Did you know that faulty electrical wiring is a common cause of house fires? This is why you need to ensure that work done around your home is of good quality. However, choosing a good electrician can be tricky if you have no idea what to look for. Here are the things you need to consider:

Consideration #1: Licence and insurance

The first thing you look at is whether the electrician is licenced. Each state and territory has strict policies on electrical safety standards. It’s actually illegal to do repairs and electrical installations without a licence. This is for your own safety as well because a licence is your assurance that the electrician has completed the necessary requirements to accomplish the job safely and properly. Don’t forget to look if the licence covers the work you want done, and if the electrician has the necessary insurance.

Consideration #2: Qualification and experience

Electricians have varying qualifications. Hiring a Master Electrician means the contractor has at least three years of experience and should provide a 12-month warranty. If you don’t get a Master Electrician, see to it that the contractor has the relevant experience for the job you need accomplished. For instance, a commercial construction electrician might not be well-versed in residential construction, so if you need work on something at home, the contractor might not be sure how to go about it.

Consideration #3: Means of advertising

See how the electrician’s company advertises. A larger ad doesn’t mean they’re better at what they do. It could mean, however, that a bigger overhead will be passed on to you.

Consideration #4: Trade membership

Australia has several electrical associations that regulate standards among professional electricians. If the electrician you plan on hiring is trade member, it means they follow these standards. Here are a few examples of electrical associations in the country:

Consideration #5: Value for money

Always remember to get at least three estimates. Take note that the most expensive estimate doesn’t necessarily mean that electrician is the best among your choices. You shouldn’t automatically go for the cheapest quote either. Ask for a breakdown to make it easier for you to compare quotes and see the best value for your money.

Consideration #6: Recommendations or references

To help you decide which electrician to get, look for recommendations from people you trust. If you don’t have recommendations, ask your prospective electricians for references, which you can check out individually. Don’t hesitate to ask each reference questions, like if the work provided is good; or if the electrician shows up on time.

Consideration #7: Communication and behaviour

You may have gotten the best electrician in the state or even country, but you wouldn’t want to deal with the person if he or she is unprofessional, hard to get along with and/or doesn’t inform you what’s happening. As the client, you need to be informed or face the possibility of not having the job you wanted completed.

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I was really impressed with how easy the whole thing was. Super easy. I filled out one form and had three quotes for a solar system from different companies within 24 hours.

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Thanks to the team at The Quote Company for organising quotes for me to replace my air conditioner – the whole process was quick and easy!!!

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Indeed it made life easier by sourcing quotes and information from a number of sources. In fact, it's quite astonishing how much I saved by not blindly choosing the first company I found. I'd like if this service was available in many aspects of my life!

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I'd been thinking about getting solar panels on our commercial building for a long time - but kept putting it off and in to the "too hard" basket.  Then I decided to get three proposals.  The three companies (two in particular) that contacted me were excellent and explained everything. It was well worth it. 

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