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  • 1. How much do boilers cost?
    • The cost of a new boiler will vary, depending on; the size of the boiler being installed, if you’re switching boilers, your current boiler or if new radiators are required.There are a many factors to be taken in to account before purchasing a boiler; such as the size of your home, the type of fuel you use, how much hot water you use and how old your current boiler is.

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  • 2. Are there any government rebates available?
    • The government is a aware of those households that may be struggling and are in need of assistance to help get the, through the cold winter months. The Energy Company Obligation [ECO] was created to address this issue.The scheme’’sintention with creating the boiler grant is to assist in helping to reduce the recipient’s energy bills, while becoming more energy efficient. The scheme will run until March 2017.

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  • 3. What is the cheapest fuel for my boiler?
    • If you are looking to live off-grid, looking for alternatives to mains gas or simply wanting to self-educate in preparation for changing boilers it’s extremely advisable to learn about gas, oil, solid fuel and electric boilers.You can learn more, including which is the cheapest fuel in the Fuel Types section.
  • 4. Should I replace my old boiler?
    • Is your boiler broken, old or simply inefficient? Or maybe all three?If your current boiler is less than 86% efficiency or is more than eight years old, you will most likely qualify for a Boiler Grant.

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  • 5. What can I expect during boiler installation?
    • The boiler installation process will start well before before the actual unit arrives at your home. The installer should initially inspect your home and then should determine the proper size boiler to install. They should also discuss with you where they believe that the best location for the boiler will be and which power source it will be connected to.After the question of cost, customers always want to know how long an installation will actually take?” Unfortunately, there is not a clear cut answer. Installation time will depend on the amount of pip re-fitting involved, the removal of the current boiler [if it’s a replacement] or the construction of the inaugural placement for a for a first time installation. Speaking generically, boiler installation should not take longer than a day.
  • 6. How long does a boiler last?
    • The general consensus is that a boiler should last around 15 years.To ensure the longevity of your boiler, keep track of a couple of things:
      1. – Be sure that replacement parts for you model/type are still available.
      2. – If your unit has consistent breakdowns, it will probably cost you more for continual repairs than actual replacement.
      3. – Ensure the health of your flue, as a boiler needs a flue and if the flue is found to be unsafe and eventually very expensive to repair or replace.
      4. – Make sure your boiler is efficient and eco friendly as possible, as you could be paying for additional gas that your older unit is burning [older units run at 60% efficiency vs the 90% that more current models work at.
      5. – Older boilers are also known for making an irritatingly loud noise, called “kettling”. This can be caused by the corrosion on the inside of the radiator and other parts. The corrosion can sometimes be removed by power flushing the unit, but results are not guaranteed.
  • 7. How long is a boiler warranty?
    • Boilers, like other highly manufacture items, have become very highly engineered and selecting a solid and top manufactured unit will guarantee that you get a great boiler.In doing your research for a new or replacement boiler, you will see that the length of a warranty is related to the cost of the unit. For example, a lower priced 28kW Combi boiler retailing at £509 [including VAT] has a two year warranty, while a higher priced 40kW combi boiler that retails at £1097, is packaged with a 10 year warranty.

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