1. Professional Qualifications
An air-conditioning system is a long-term investment, so it is important that the company you choose and its staff have the appropriate qualifications and experience to advise you on your air-conditioning needs.

A qualified air-conditioning professional should be able to produce the following:

2. Service & Technical Support
Your air-conditioning company and its staff should provide you with expert after-sales service and technical support.

When choosing an air-conditioning company, it is important to look at the following:

3. Company Reputation & Reliability
Most air-conditioning systems have a minimum warranty period of five years, so it is imperative that air-conditioning companies have an established reputation.

An air-conditioning company should also have a reliable track record, that is, they should have been trading successfully for many years. These factors contribute to ensuring that your air-conditioning warranty can be supported for five years and beyond.

Some questions that you should ask your air-conditioning professional include:

4. Warranty Protection & Maintanence Contracts
Most manufacturers of air-conditioning systems offer a minimum of a five year warranty on parts and labour. However, many customers do not know that these manufacturers warranties may be voided or not cover certain items, if it can be shown that the system was not properly maintained.

To ensure that your air-conditioning system’s five-year parts and labour warranty is protected, you should ask your air-conditioning professional the following questions:

5. Corrosion Protection
Air-conditioner manufacturers do not provide a warranty against corrosion. Although most air-conditioning systems have an anti-corrosion treatment, it is not a safeguard against corrosion in areas of high air salinity, such as in coastal regions.

For long-term protection of your air-conditioning systems against corrosion, it is important to consider the following:

6. Quality Manufacturers
An experienced air-conditioning company should be able to recommend manufacturers who provide quality equipment.

There is a wide choice of air-conditioning systems with many new and competitively-priced systems entering the market each year.

It is important that your air-conditioning professional be able to assess different manufacturers of air-conditioning systems and provide unbiased advice.

An air-conditioning professional should consider the following when recommending an air-conditioner manufacturer to you:

7. Manufacturers Warranty
As previously outlined, most air-conditioner manufacturers provide purchases with a five year full parts and labour warranty for each air-conditioning unit.

It is important to read and understand the terms and conditions of this warranty, as it is usually necessary to have regular maintenance on your air-conditioning system during its lifetime, if you are to maintain the integrity of the manufacturer’s warranty.

This is particularly necessary with residential installations, as they are often switched off for long periods, and then expected to run at peak performance during exceptionally hot periods. A maintenance once a year is usually all that is required for residential installations, whereas commercial installations need to be maintained more frequently.

Some considerations include:

8. Reverse Cycle of Cool Option Only
People who live in tropical and even sub-tropical areas often ask if they really need heating in their unit as well.

Nights can be chilly and it has been known for some areas away from the coast, to drop to single digit temperatures overnight during July in south-east Queensland.

Some benefits of reverse cycle air-conditioning include:

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